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May 2006, Perth, Western Australia. Seven months after showing a PSA of 4.8 and biopsy result of 65% LGPIN, patient tested with a PSA of 0.8, no further biopsy or watchfulness deemed necessary. GP Dr Anell, urologist Mr England. PSA results in the intervening 8 years have confirmed that no further treatment or "watchful waiting" are necessary, being consistently at levels more appropriate to a man half my age.
(Mr England had discussed with me the possibility that I switch my diet to the kinds of foods I now recommend in The Body Friendly Zen CookBook, and I agreed to do so. No other form of treatment was undertaken, and after eight years my results have shown no sign of a retuen, and are indeed lower than one would expect to find in a man half my age.)

June 2013, Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia. After a decade of being considered a Type 2 diabetes patient and exhibiting and being treated for the high Blood Sugar Levels typical of the disease, my wife no longer takes ANY diabetic medicine.
(After three months of our being together and my cooking according to the Body Friendly Zen CookBook guidelines, her doctor remarked that BSL was noticeably lower, blood pressure was noticeably lower, body weight was noticeably lower, some liver function seemed to have returned, general health had improved to the point where several suppression medicines (notably blood pressure and heart) were reduced to half. After 17 months of the diet, her GP reduced the diabetes medications to half, and due to a mix-up, she stopped taking them altogether. Her BSL has remained consistently at average to healthy levels since then, some two months later. We plan on checking with the GP again, but it appears that diabetes can be conquered by this diet, and handily at that.)


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