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Some Of Our Other Projects

We have a number of projects we're doing besides the beautiful and intricate Ours From The Heart Art artworks and handcrafts. Between these, we are pretty much absorbed in some project or another most days.

We've both decided that growing much of our own food is a requirement, so we're homesteading (using the house grounds as a garden / farm) and raising our own animals as well as growing vegetables and herbs and spices.

Our projects sort of spread out over a range of topics, I'll try and cover them in three broad sections.

They are:

There's a fair bit of overlap so it's worth ploughing through the various sections and seeing what treasures you can find. I've scattered links all through the various sections, that link to sites where you can read more.

Use the [TOP] links to get back to this section..

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Writings And More.

I've written a handful of books on health and eating and gardening and small-farming etc. I've made them available for free here on this site, also on Smashwords, and soon will cover Amazon and other E-Book sites as well. (See links to the right. --->)

The books were initially written because I had the start ot prostate cancer and used nothing more than a diet change to reverse the hyperplasia and take me out of the prostate cancer risk group. I had to work most of it out by myself, and after I did, I had heaps of notes. They were published as an E-Book, which I've now split into smaller FREE E-Books and made available here, and one thing led to another and I also started writing up recipes, farming and gardening tips, and so forth.

Kerina has some of her poetry and writing online, but you'll have to ask her via email for the URL because she is a little shy about her writings.

And I have several blogs online, most of which are now no longer being updated because I've run out of time, and besides, Facebook and Twitter do a better job of disseminating information.


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Tips And Hints.

One of my pet projects has been to prepare healthy and interesting meals. I've put them on the recipe blog (Links at right...) for other people to enjoy, as well as a few static pages outlining various things about food which are covered in more detail in the E-Books.

(The Recipes are also to be added at the E-Book site, because while I hate taking my tablet or laptop into the kitchen to have a recipe on hand while I cook, E-Book readers are small, simple, and cheap, so I don't mind covering that in plastic wrap and leaving it in the hostile environment of the kitchen.)


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Living Off The Grid, While On The Grid...

The garden. What can I say? I've always grown something wherever I've lived, even if that was as simple as a few pots of kitchen herbs on a window sill when living in a unit. But wherever I can, I plant more.

After I offered Kerina sandwiches made with fresh! and home grown rocket, nasturtiums, tomatoes, spinach, and mizuna as some of the main ingredients, she too was a convert.

So I'm putting together some of my experiences and things I've tried and found to work particularly well into E-Book form as well. At some stage there will also be a website with all the contents of the books laid out for people to read online, but for now it's E-Books or the patchy records on various blogs I've written.

The "Faroc" link at the right takes you to a general purpose website that I am currently using for homestead news.


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Faroc Homepage.