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Years ago I had a bit of a health setback. Among multiple issues, I got severe digestive issues, glandular fever, and (insert loud "da-doom!" noise here) prostate cancer. The cancer is completely gone now, and the other issues are settled down to manageable levels. All thanks to changing what I ate.

So I started writing this up, first as a diet, and later re-writing it into a few smaller e-books that centred around the concepts rather than a specific diet. The original target spread from there, to growing one's own fresh clean vegetables using permaculture, organic growing, sneaky gardening tips, aquaponics...

And naturally, that spread to encompass keeping small animals such as goats, rabbits, poultry. After all, this is the best way to use all the resources and then re-use them over and over again, and that is the definition of sustainability. This trove of e-books is hosted here on this website, just follow the OFTHA ZenBooks link at the left.