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Welcome to Ours From The Heart Art.

Ours From The Heart Art is a place where Kerina and I sell the art we produce. It was originally just the one online store, but has since spread out into several different areas. This website helps direct you to the section you're most interested in.


  • The original OFTHA contains our more standard jewellery lines, all of which, I must point out, are handmade by Kerina and myself, using both bought and recycled findings and items. 
  • OFTHA Textiles (name still to be decided on) contains Kerina's beautiful handmade textile and wool items from soft organic neck wraps to scrumbled dilly pots, handbags, and shawls, among other things. 
  • OFTHA Steam is my section, where my steampunk, techpunk, and occasional bushpunk items are available for you to buy. These items are made from bought, found, and recycled objects and cover a diverse range from jewellery to LARP props.
  • OFTHA Zen Books is a section of FREE E-Books on a range of topics from health to sustainable farming and DIY, includes aquaponics, rabbit and small animal raising tips and tricks, making fertiisers, and more. 


Kerina and I met late in life and found that we are good - no - GREAT! - for one another. We started doing art and handcrafted projects because we inspired one another, and then thought to try the resultant items for sale. The response heartened us, and we started the OFTHA Etsy shop and Facebook page almost two years ago. 

Since then, our range of projects has increased out of sight, so about six months ago we started this website to direct you to our various aspects. The thinking has been that we're neither of us web designers, we neither of us want to become programmers for the sake of fitting a shopping cart system, but we wanted to be able to offer our creations online. 

Instead or re-inventing the wheel, we've used mainly Etsy and Facebook, and tied them al together with this site.  



+61 488 266 663
+61 409 249 807
PO Box 885
Emerald. VIC 3782,


Textile art, and jewellery such as earrings, pendants, bag and zip pulls, bracelets, and more, made with unusual designs. Feel free to browse our online shop and gallery for the perfect item.


We make steampunk as well as general jewellery items. Each item is hand made and finished, by either Kerry or Ted. Bespoke works are also undertaken, and there are images in the gallery and in our online shops.

Thank you for reading down to here! Use coupon code
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